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Simple rules to follow! I_vote_lcap0%Simple rules to follow! I_vote_rcap 0% [ 0 ]

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Simple rules to follow!

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Simple rules to follow! Empty Simple rules to follow!

Post by Design on Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:59 pm

Remember that you'll have to register to get full experience and full access on the forum!

5 most important rules you should follow!

  • Always be polite and positive. Using a negative attitude is only disturbing and will piss people off.

  • 3 most important things you should be aware of, never post pornographic content, advertise or spam the forum with unnecessary topics we do have members under 18.

  • NEVER troll or flame somebody, people might take it serious and will cause bad attitude and that's against rule number 1.

  • Never pretend to being somebody else! Caught doing this, you'll be suspended on sight for 2 months!

  • Don't post trash topics! posting unnecessary topics will prevent you from getting super rank!

Any kind of help we recommend you to enter our Teamspeak server so we can talk with you faster, sending PMs might take to long or we maybe don't respond to you.

If you're not following those 5 rules above, you'll get suspended on sight. No arguement.

1st time suspended = 3 days banned.

2nd time suspended = 1 week banned.

3rd time suspended = 1 month banned.

4th time suspended = You're not welcome here anymore.

For visitors please read this thread here!
Information for visitors!


Simple rules to follow! Design14
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Forum Øwner

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 :: Rules :: General Rules

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