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PvE Tank Warrior Guide

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PvE Tank Warrior Guide Empty PvE Tank Warrior Guide

Post by Design on Fri Mar 01, 2013 9:44 am

As i've notice alot of newcoming players to World of Warcraft are picking warriors, but they have no clue how to play them propertly.
Read throught this guide and you might become an awesome pro!

Stat Summaries

Stamina Increases your total health. You want to stack just enough Stamina to survive a couple of hits from bosses so that your healers have time to react.

Mastery: Critical Block increases your chance to block and critically block attacks. Mastery leads to slightly smoother incoming damage that may be easier for your healers to manage.

Expertise & Hit
These two stats are effective for both threat generation and survival. You need 7.5% Hit to no longer miss your attacks, 7.5% Expertise to no longer have attacks dodged, and 15% Expertise to no longer have your attacks Parried. Properly stacking Expertise and Hit ensures that your Rage generating abilities do not miss. It is essential to maintain a steady flow of Rage so that you can activate your Rage spending mitigation abilities when needed.

Allows you to avoid an incoming physical attack. Parry has very low diminishing returns which means you can stack a lot of Parry and it will still be an effective stat. As a rule, you want 2.5x as much Parry as Dodge.

Dodge Allows you to avoid an incoming physical attack. Dodge has a higher rate of diminishing returns than Parry and should not be stacked as high.

Talent spec

Follow this build and you should have no trouble with protection spec [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Tanking Priority: Execute this priority to build Rage and threat.

Shield Slam on every cooldown. Watch for Sword and Board procs.
Revenge whenever available.
Battle Shout / Commanding Shout for additional Rage.
Thunder Clap to maintain Weakened Blows.
Devastate to maintain Weakened Armor.
Heroic Strike to consume Ultimatum, with multiple targets use Cleave instead of HS

Active Mitigation: Consume Rage with these skills to mitigate damage.

Shield Block Reduces physical damage taken.
Shield Barrier Reduces all damage taken.

Protection Warrior single target tanking involves building up Rage and spending it on either Shield Block or Shield Barrier. To build Rage, use Shield Slam on cooldown while watching for Sword and Board procs. Use Revenge whenever it’s available and cast Thunder Clap every 30 seconds to maintain Weakened Blows. Devastate is your filler ability and provides Weakened Armor. Use Heroic Strike to consume Ultimatum procs. Finally, try to use Battle Shout and Commanding Shout on every cooldown for additional Rage, but only when the Shout will not cap your Rage.

The choice between spending Rage on Shield Block or Shield Barrier depends on the specific encounter. Shield Block is used to mitigate physical damage delivered through melee attacks. Shield Barrier can be used to mitigate any type of damage, but is best used to mitigate magic damage and raid AoE damage. In general, Shield Block is your go-to Rage spender as it helps you mitigate boss auto-attacks with Shield Barrier used to bleed off excess Rage. However, if you are expecting a major magic based attack, then you should pool Rage to use on Shield Barrier.

From my own experience is tanking as a warrior super easy, you just have to find your technique and this might help you hopefully.

Best Regards,
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