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Frost Mage PvP 5.1/5.2

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Frost Mage PvP 5.1/5.2

Post by Devrex on Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:18 pm

Check out my youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/designwowguides
Hello Everyone! This will be a Frost Mage PvP Guide for patch 5.1 (and probably 5.2).
This guide includes Stat Priority, Reforging, Gems and Enchants and the Talent Build + Glyphs.

Stat Priority:

Spell Hit 6% -> PVP Power -> Intellect -> PVP Resilience -> Mastery -> Crit -> Haste

Spell Hit:
The hit cap for a mage in PvP will be 6% (2040 rating). At 6% you will not miss a spell anymore against a same level target or lower.

PVP Power:
Increases all damage done to all players and their pets/minions.

Improves the damage and healing of your spells and adds a small amount of Critical Strike rating.

PVP Resilience:
Reduces the damage you take from players and their pets and minions. (Every player at 90 starts off with 40% Resillience).

Frostburn: Increases your damage done against frozen targets and increases the damage of your Water Elemental.

Increases your chance to deal a Critical strike (200% damage). Thanks to Shatter (Multiplies your Crit chance and adds another 50% crit chance on spells cast on a frozen target) it is easy to get 100% crit chance on someone. You would only need 25% Crit Rating. But with Arcane Brilliance it is only required to have 20%. If you use Molten Armor it is reduced to 15%.

Decreases the cating time of spells and let's your DoT's tick faster. Also makes Evocation faster.

As soon as you hit the 6% spell hit cap, you want to reforge items that don't have Mastery or Crit into Mastery or Crit removing the weakest stat.

Gems and Enchants:

Meta: Burning Primal Diamond (216 Intellect and 3% Increased Critical Effect)
Prismatic: Stormy River's heart (320 PVP power), Mystic Sun's Radiance (320 PVP resilience)
Blue: Stormy River's Heart (320 PVP power), Vivid Wild jade (160 PVP power and 160 PVP Resilience)
Red: Mysterious Imperial Amethyst (80 Intellect and 160 PVP Power), Willful Vermillion Onyx (80 Intellect and 160 PVP Resilience).
Yellow: Effulgent Wild jade (160 PVP Power and 160 Mastery), Vivid Wild Jade (160 PVP Power and 160 PVP Resilience).

Shoulders: Greater Crane Wing Inscription (200 Intellect, 100 Crit)
Cloak: Enchant Cloak - Superior Intellect (180 Intellect)
Chest: Enchant Chest - Super Resilience (200 Resilience)
Bracers: Enchant Bracer - Super Intellect (180 Intellect)
Gloves: Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery (170 Mastery)
Belt: Living Steel Belt Buckle (Extra socket)
Legs: Greater Cerulean Spellthread (285 Intellect, 165 Crit)
Boots: Enchant Boots - Pandaren's Step (140 Mastery, slight movement speed increase)
Main Hand: Enchant Weapon - Jade Spirit (Sometimes increases your Intellect by 1,650 when healing or dealing damage with spells.  If less than 25% of your mana remains when the effect is triggered, your Spirit will also increase by 750.)
Off Hand: Enchant Off-Hand - Major Intellect (165 intellect)
Two Hand: Enchant Weapon - Jade Spirit (Sometimes increases your Intellect by 1,650 when healing or dealing damage with spells.  If less than 25% of your mana remains when the effect is triggered, your Spirit will also increase by 750.)

Talent Build + Glyphs:
In the following link to the WoWHead Talent Calculator you will see the spec I use and recommend for a frost mage.

Instead of Glyph of Evocation or Glyph of Ice Lance, you could also use the Glyph of Armors which increases the defensive offect of an Armor (Molten Armor reduces Physical Damage tanken by 16% (Instead of 6%). Frost Armor now slows enemies for 40% (was 30%). Mage Armor Reduces the duration of Harmfull magic spells against you by 35% (Was 25%))

I hope this cleares a few things up about mages! You can leave suggestions or questions at the comments!
You might also register to get more guides!

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Re: Frost Mage PvP 5.1/5.2

Post by ToxicMan on Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:37 pm

i recongnize this guide but i like it even if it took me like 20 minutes reading it Laughing

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