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Remember this is a community too!

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Remember this is a community too!

Post by Design on Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:43 pm

I'm not the only one supposed to put up guides on the forum, this is a community and it's more than just watch the guide and leave.

But here's a little tutorial how you can use to help us out alot.

Stat priorites - Very important to know how to spec for the class ( rogue stamina, agility, haste, crit etc ) You probably understand me.

Gems & Enchants - Just like above, which gem for certain class.

Talent build - might also be helpfull if the person don't want to build it on his own way, but as myself i would follow a guide from the beginning.

Rotation - How to use the spells / attacks for best dps. ( the rotation can be different depending if it's PvP or PvE )

This might be helpfull for you, but you can do your own way.

Best Regards,
Design Forum Owner.

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Forum Øwner

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