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Account selling request important information.

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Account selling request important information.

Post by Design on Sat Mar 09, 2013 11:14 pm

If you got an account to sell you can always make an request.

Some things you should keep in mind

  • It costs 1 USD for each request you're doing.

  • you are on your own when you have a buyer, we do not take care of scammer or you if you get scammed.

  • Have patience, it can take up to 24hrs till i'm replying to you if it's accepted or not. If you've gotten accepted you'll get a link to make the payment, if you've gotten denied you'll get a specific reason why.

  • Posting inappropriate material will risk your account to get banned.

If you've made the decision for an account request go to *Pending account request* and fill in the format.

If you have any question concerning this, feel free to give me or Zelax a PM and we'll help you out!

Best Regards,
Design Forum Owner.
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Forum Øwner

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