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Super / Super+ rank new system.

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Super / Super+ rank new system.

Post by Design on Fri Mar 22, 2013 9:04 pm

Before we had the possibility to donate for super and super+ but not now anymore. We got a new rank and it's called *VIP*

The VIP members have same access as the super+ members but doesn't have the same leadership as them. Super+ members are assisting people that have gained super rank or want to gain it. Super members are also available to assist non super members to achive the rank.

The VIP members will have access on the Teamspeak server to join Super/super+ channel and VIP channel.

People that have shown they are being active and doing good job and been member for more than 1 week, will get the forum super rank either by myself, or one of the moderators. But before you're achiving the super rank you'll need to make atleast 50 posts before we're making the decision to give you the super rank.
to get the super+ rank you need to be a member for atleast 2 month and done 150 posts, also as a super+ you gonna have access to type till the forum moderators on Teamspeak.

If you need to contact the Lead forum moderator you'll have to talk with a forum moderator first and explain the situation.

Best Regards from,
Design Forum Owner.


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