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Marksmanship (MM) Hunter PvE 5.2

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Marksmanship (MM) Hunter PvE 5.2 Empty Marksmanship (MM) Hunter PvE 5.2

Post by Design on Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:17 pm

Here's a simple Markmanship guide that i recommend you to read throught if you don't know how to play it probertly This way of having your gear and the rotation is probably same in patch 5.3.

Also Beast Mastery is top 1 build to use at the moment to achive high DPS.


Stat Priority

Agility > Expertise (7.5%) >= Ranged Hit (7.5%) > Crit = Haste > Mastery
Stat Summaries

Agility Increases all damage dealt and slightly increases critical chance.

Expertise (7.5%) The Expertise cap of 7.5% (2550 Rating) will eliminate your attacks from being dodged. To check your expertise, open your character panel and then check for “Expertise.” Make sure it is at exactly 7.5% for your weapon(s).

Ranged Hit (7.5%) Hit Rating increases your chance to hit, and at 7.5% Ranged Hit (2550 Rating) your special abilities can no longer miss on bosses. Special abilities getting missed is the easiest way to lose DPS, so be sure to be capped at 7.5%. To check your hit percentage, open your character panel and then check under the Ranged tab for “Hit Chance.” Make sure it is at or slightly above 7.5%.

Haste Decreases cast time for abilities such as Aimed Shot, causes you to shoot faster, and increases Focus regeneration speeds.

Crit Increases the chance for your attacks to critically hit for additional damage.

Mastery: Wild Quiver grants a chance for your ranged attacks to proc an additional attack that does reduced damage.

Talent build and Glyphs

Talent build : http://www.wowhead.com/talent#hxTE|

Build Details

This is the base DPS build for Marksmanship Hunters. Posthaste, Silencing Shot, and Aspect of the Iron Hawk provide great utility, but may be swapped for other talents in the same tier. A Murder of Crows and Glaive Toss offer a strong DPS boost. Dire Beast is taken for additional Focus generation.
Pet Details

Hunter Pets no longer have talent trees. Instead, you just pick one of the three specializations (Ferocity, Cunning, Tenacity) for your pet. The following guidelines should be used when picking a pet specialization:

Ferocity Highest DPS pet and provides Rabid. Default PvE choice.
Cunning Mix of DPS and survivability.
Tenacity Low DPS pet with high survivability.

Major Glyphs and Minor

Glyph of Animal Bond Recommended. Good boost to survivability.
Glyph of Deterrence Recommended. Improved ability to mitigate raid damage.

Minor Glyphs

Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah Recommended. Good for kiting adds.
Glyph of Aspect of the Pack Recommended. Slight quality of life improvement.
Glyph of Revive Pet Recommended. Improved utility if ever needed.

Single Target Rotation

Debuffs: Maintain these debuffs at all times.

Hunter's Mark

Careful Aim Rotation: Use this rotation when your target is over 80% Health.

Serpent Sting Apply once. Refresh with Chimera Shot.
Steady Shot to maintain Steady Focus.
Aimed Shot
Steady Shot

Standard Rotation: Use this priority when your target is below 80% Health.

Serpent Sting Apply once. Refresh with Chimera Shot.
Steady Shot to maintain Steady Focus.
Glaive Toss on cooldown.
Chimera Shot on cooldown.
Kill Shot on target below 20% Health.
Aimed Shot with 3 Master Marksman.
Arcane Shot to dump Focus.
Steady Shot to build Focus.

When your target is above 80% health, they are under the effects of Careful Aim and you should execute the Careful Aim rotation. This is done by applying Serpent Sting and maintaining it with Chimera Shot. Use Steady Shot to build Focus and maintain Steady Focus. Dump Focus into Aimed Shot and use Master Marksman procs as soon as possible.

When your target is below 80% health, you should move to the standard rotation. Continue to maintain Hunter's Mark, Serpent Sting, and Steady Focus as your highest priorities. Cast Glaive Toss and Chimera Shot on cooldown. When your target drops below 20% Health, begin using Kill Shot on cooldown. Use Aimed Shot with 3 Master Marksman. Finally, you’ll want to use Arcane Shot to avoid hitting the Focus cap, but do not use all of your focus on Arcane Shot. Always keep close to 50 Focus so you can cast Chimera Shot whenever it comes up.

AoE Rotation

Steady Shot to maintain Steady Focus.
Aimed Shot with 3 Master Marksman.
Explosive Trap

Your main sources for AoE damage will be Multi-Shot and Explosive Trap. If you are only attacking 2-3 mobs, it’s usually best to just continue with the the Single Target rotation. Once there are 4+ mobs, then drop Explosive Trap under them and use Multi-Shot on cooldown. Use Steady Shot as needed for Focus and to maintain Steady Focus.

Effective Cooldowns

These effective cooldowns are available if you chose them in your talent build.

A Murder of Crows Use on cooldown.
Dire Beast Use on cooldown for extra Focus.

These are effective cooldowns to try and incorporate into most all encounters.

8b]Rabid Use on cooldown. Stack with Rapid Fire or Bloodlust.
Rapid Fire Use on every cooldown. Do not stack with Bloodlust.
Readiness Resets all cooldowns except Stampede. Use to chain DPS cooldowns.
Stampede Use as often as possible. Usually on pull and mid fight.[/b]


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