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Post by Design on Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:29 pm

I've gotten the question *Why did you create this forum* from a certain people, well the reason is that sometimes it's difficult to find guides on the internet, for an example everybody doesn't have the perfect english to find throught a few websites that includes guides, tutorials etc.

What is the main reason you created it?

Why i created this forum was because i don't feel like people need to struggle for some help with World of Warcraft, it should be simple!
I've also notice that a few people have started to play World of Warcraft by themselves and it's not always fun to play alone. So this forum isn't all about guides, it's also a community to get new friends to play with, find guilds or something else! That's the reason why we're offering a Teamspeak server for you and a chatbox to talk with other members.

Why should we vote for you?

The main reason at the moment for voting is because people should find us, most on new communities with low population people don't register there. So if more people are visiting the site we'll gain more members and share our fun!

Super and Super+ what is that?

Super and Super+ ranks are for members thats providing good attitude, being active and always showing professionalism. Also it's one way to show my appreciation for you being here on the forum.

What will i get if i'm applying for forum moderator?

Being a forum moderator is voluntarly, we're not forcing you to become apart of the staff on the forum, it's for you incase you're willing to help us out even further! And in the future as a forum moderator when the community have grown you'll get rewarded for the work you're doing for us.

Do i have to register on the forum?

If you want full access to almost everything on the forum, yes you'll have to register. It's simple just type in your account information and captcha code, and it will be directly activated. (Reason why you need to put captcha are to avoid bots registering.) when that's done you have almost full access! ( You wont have access to the staff area as a member only, thats for the forum moderators and above.) And when i mean full access then i mean to all guides, tutorials, Teamspeakserver, Chatbox, Community categories.

How can i help you out even further to get the community getting better?

Well there's a few things and that is:

Vote for us.
Like us on facebook also you can follow us on twitter.
Advertise us on other places on the internet.
Become apart of the Design WoW-Guides staff.
And for last always provide with positive attitude on the forum!

Facebook fanpage
Youtube Channel
Apply for staff (Remember you have to be a member for 30 days and being 17 or older before applying!)

I hope this was some usefull information for you and i hope to see you register on the forum and having a fun time! And remember Fight for the victory!

Best Regards,
Design Forum Owner.


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