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PvE Blood death knight guide

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PvE Blood death knight guide Empty PvE Blood death knight guide

Post by Design on Fri Mar 01, 2013 7:17 am

Here's a simple guide if you got problems playing in blood spec as a death knight.

Stat Details
Stamina Increases your total health. You want to stack just enough Stamina to survive a couple of hits from bosses so that your healers have time to react.

Mastery Mastery: Blood Shield adds an absorption shield with every Death Strike. Mastery leads to slightly smoother incoming damage that may be easier for your healers to manage.

Expertise & Hit These two stats are effective for both threat generation and survival. You need 7.5% Hit (2550 Rating) to no longer miss your attacks, 7.5% Expertise (2550 Rating) to no longer have attacks dodged, and 15% Expertise (5100 Rating) to no longer have your attacks Parried. However, the 15% Expertise goal is not advised as your stats are better spent elsewhere. Properly stacking Expertise and Hit ensures that your attacks do not miss and that you maximize your threat and Rune usage.

Parry Allows you to avoid an incoming physical attack. Parry has very low diminishing returns which means you can stack a lot of Parry and it will still be an effective stat. As a rule, you want 2.5x as much Parry as Dodge.

Dodge Allows you to avoid an incoming physical attack. Dodge has a higher rate of diminishing returns than Parry and should not be stacked as high.

Haste Increases the speed of Rune regeneration which results in more frequent use of your threat and survivability abilities.

Talent Spec

I recommend you to use this spec http://www.wowhead.com/talent#k!ED|

Rotation and cooldowns

Single Target

Presence: Blood Presence
Diseases: Outbreak Icy Touch Plague Strike
Buffs: Mastery: Blood Shield Bone Shield Horn of Winter
Attacks: Death Strike Soul Reaper Heart Strike Rune Strike Blood Boil

When pulling, you’ll want to apply diseases using Outbreak. If you have a group ready to attack when you do, it’s better to start with Outbreak immediately followed by Dark Command for a short aggro window. Then you can Heart Strike with both Blood Runes, and then Death Strike to take advantage of the Death Strike mechanics (healing for damage taken in preceding 5 sec).

You’ll want to keep diseases active at all times. The most efficient way to refresh your diseases is with Blood Boil thanks to Scarlet Fever. However, if a disease expires, refresh the disease via Outbreak. If Outbreak is on cooldown, then use Icy Touch and/or Plague Strike.

Beyond diseases, you’ll want to Death Strike as much as possible with your Frost, Unholy, and Death Runes. Use Heart Strike with Blood Runes, and Rune Strike whenever all Runes are depleted or when you are capped with Runic Power. Soul Reaper replaces Heart Strike when your target has 35% or less Health.

Blood Tap: Blood tanks benefit from Blood Tap and its regular return of Death Runes. Because Blood Tap is off the GCD, you can effectively manage it with a macro. However, as a tank it’s recommended that you don’t use the macro because it’s very helpful to have complete control over your Death Runes.

#showtooltip Rune Strike
/cast Rune Strike
/cast Blood Tap

With this macro you’ll automatically refresh a Death Rune every 2-3 Rune Strike. Consume the Death Rune by following the single target tanking priority. If you choose not to use a macro, remember to consume the charges on Blood Tap at <= 10 so you don’t waste them.
AoE Rotation

Death and Decay
Heart Strike or Blood Boil

When tanking multiple mobs, you will want to immediately drop a Death and Decay. Then, apply diseases and spread them via Pestilence. Use Blood Boil with your Blood Runes if you are tanking a lot of adds (4+) or to refresh diseases on your targets via Scarlet Fever. Use Heart Strike if it’s just a handful of adds (2-3). Continue to Death Strike and Rune Strike as you would in the single target scenario.

Best Regards,
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