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PvE Druid Restoration

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PvE Druid Restoration

Post by Design on Fri Mar 01, 2013 7:25 am

Always wanted to play resto druid but don't know how to? Check out this guide!

Stat Summaries

Spirit Increases the rate of your Mana regeneration. Spirit is the best stat for Mana efficiency. Only stack enough Spirit to have just enough Mana for an encounter.

Haste Reduces cast time, lowers the GCD, and gives extra ticks on HoTs. Assuming normal raid buffs, the most common Haste breakpoint to reach is at 3043 Haste Rating from your gear. At this breakpoint, your Tranquility, Rejuvenation, and Wild Growth each receive 1 additional tick and Lifebloom receives 2 extra ticks. With better gear, you can aim for the next Haste breakpoint at 6652 Haste Rating from your gear which grants extra ticks to your Lifebloom, Regrowth, and Wild Growth.

Intellect Increases the power of your heals and slightly improves your spell critical chance.

Mastery Mastery: Harmony increases the power of your direct heals and casting direct heals boosts the power of your HoTs.

Crit Increases the chance to land a critical heal that does additional healing and procs Living Seed.

Talent spec

I recommend you to use this spec while if you're going to resto druid http://www.wowhead.com/talent#dzdi|

Rotation and Cooldowns

Single target rotation
Playing as a resto druid is pretty simple because there are no set healing rotations in World of Warcraft. Instead, you should familiarize yourself with the mechanics and suggested uses for each healing spell.

HoTs: These are the most frequently used heals by Restoration Druids.

Rejuvenation Strong heal for any situation. Used to setup Swiftmend.
Lifebloom Maintain full stack on tanks. Refresh with direct heals.
Swiftmend Powerful group heal.

Direct Heals: Direct heals are less frequently used than HoTs, but still play a role in healing.

Nourish Use on targets taking little to moderate damage.
Healing Touch Use on targets taking a lot of damage.
Regrowth Emergency heal to save players facing death.

Healing is a very situational activity. Learn to use your HoTs and direct heals by following the advice above. Make sure to maintain Mastery: Harmony by casting a direct heal every 20 seconds. Watch for Omen of Clarity procs and consume them with Healing Touch or Regrowth as needed.

AoE Rotation
As a raid healer, you want to always use Wild Growth and Swiftmend on cooldown, with Rejuvenation and Nourish used on individual raid members. Wild Mushroom + Wild Mushroom: Bloom may be used but only if the Wild Mushroom can be placed without interfering with your healing (ideally pre-pull).

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