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Teamspeak Server!

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Teamspeak Server! Empty Teamspeak Server!

Post by Design on Sun Mar 17, 2013 8:09 pm

We finally made our public Teamspeak server just for you. But we only have 32 slots at the moment and it will increase when more members have joined the forum!

Teamspeak Information

Server Address : TSviewer link.
(Remember that the server address might change so keep an eye on that site every day.]

It's password free and everybody are welcome to enter!

If you notify that it says *offline* on the site, you can try connect anyway. Might be it recently been down and it takes about 30 minutes before it shows *online* again.


Here's a basic tutorial for you if you've never used Teamspeak 3 before.

Before we're starting you'll have to download and install the Teamspeak 3 client to your computer by clicking the link below.
Teamspeak 3 Client Download

1. Double-click your TeamSpeak 3 Icon on your Desktop to open up the Teamspeak 3 client.

2. Once the Teamspeak 3 Client is open on the top left of the Teamspeak 3 client click on "Connections" and then click "Connect"(Ctrl+S) it is the first option on the drop down box.

3. After you go to "Connections" and the "Connect" a small control panel asking for a Address(Server address/IP), Your Nickname (Can be anything you want, but better use your website Display Name.), Password (There is no password for our TS).

4. Then fill in all the information that was given bellow. For your Username put in what ever you want (But better use your website Display Name).

IP: TSviewer link. <--- Click on it and look at *TeamSpeak IP & Port* that's the connection IP.
Password: There is no password!

5. You can hit the "Connect" button at the bottom of the panel now to connect to your server, or if you are already connected to a server and don't want to disconnect from it, click the "In New Tab" button to open another Teamspeak 3 server connection in a new tab so you can access both servers at once.


Teamspeak Server! Design14
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